Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome September

Right now, California is fighting a heated war of it's own...everywhere has it's issues, be it tornadoes, hurricanes, floods etc...and we have fires. Awful, spreading and destructive fires. For those who have lost their homes, treasures, lifes keepsakes, I cannot even imagine the pain. For those evacuated and unsure, I cannot imagine the feeling of instability. For those hoping it does not get close enough to damage, the fear must be immense.
My heart goes out to all.
I can feel that much for sure.

These are some shots, ironically enough I took a few weeks ago at a home I visited and this was the firebreak that was out the back of the property. I had not in all my life growing up in California seen this up close and somehow it was so real, I was awestruck.
This too shall pass.

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