Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wee Little Inspirations...

Regardless of the fact that it is incredibly hot here in So. Cal. right now, I am ready for all it's warm colors and cozy home hunkering...I am prepping for the next show in Nov. and am so excited to create a new holiday/fall line.

So, as I often do, I went to the flower mart today with my wee man SZ for some Mum~Son (so incredibly precious) time as well as an infusion of inspiration.
Sometimes I just slowly stroll and take in all the colors and textures, smelling that one and only aroma that comes when you mix hundreds of flowers, greens and cool temperatures, concrete and a whole lot of wonderful.
Away we went and had a great time, touching, smelling, 'looking only', holding hands and having fun in the walk-ins(refridg's), just me and my little guy. I normally don't go there with him, but today was wonderful, as most all of our days are when we are together. I brought home some real lovelies to add to my designs...down the line.

And then my next order of inspiration blip is that of hair...yep, you read right. I have had short hair for so long, I can't remember anything else... but often it starts growing out a bit and I think that maybe I will let it get longer (this time), then I go and get it all cut off, as my girl (hairstylist) knows so well what I really want and what suits me quite perfectly.

So, last week at my appt. she really cut it good, and by that, I mean alot, and very wonderfully, of course, because that is why I love her.
However, at first I was a bit taken back, thinking it was just too short, even for moi. Now, one week later, I have never loved the feeling (not actually no hair, just such a little bit of it) as much as I do right now. I mean to put my fingers through it in the a.m. after waking and have this choppy wee bit disheveled look...(tres moi) is a little unkept and just so perfect.

I can get on about my day, no time spent on doing the do, no clips, ponytails, blowdrying, heck I don't even wash it everyday (that is between us).
So, today I was reading one of my all time favorite blogs bohogirl who has recently got the most amazingly beautiful dreads and I was reminded again as I wrote about here of how we are often bound by our hair, and our appearance~ that is another blog post altogether~and I am just so happy to read and share in this blogging world of wonderful women, who open their hearts and minds to inspire us and move us along, even things as simple as hair.

I must go now and do art with wee of my most favorite times of the day.
What is your favorite time of the day, don't be shy,
leave a comment if you like...I won't bite.

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