Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tending to lovelies

Around here we tend to many things...plants, animals, wee ones and sometimes we try to make time to tend to ourselves (mummy).

However, we love being outside and it only comes naturally to pay attention to our living lovelies (which end up in many of my designs) and my man SZ is quite a green thumb. Sometimes, whilst watering the plants, he even takes a bucket of water and some paintbrushes and paints water drawings on the concrete and then delights in watching them dry away to the invisible.
I have been working in the studio a little more and more, here are a few wee glimpses of my work lately...more amazing Fall-line designs to come so stay tuned!

It gets busy with two little ones and all that is needed to keep life in motion and although I stop to breathe as much as possible, it often gets a bit bigger than me and I feel it in different ways. Creating helps that balance and keeps me at peace and in check.

What do you do to keep at peace and in check?
I would love to hear from you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wee Little Inspirations...

Regardless of the fact that it is incredibly hot here in So. Cal. right now, I am ready for all it's warm colors and cozy home hunkering...I am prepping for the next show in Nov. and am so excited to create a new holiday/fall line.

So, as I often do, I went to the flower mart today with my wee man SZ for some Mum~Son (so incredibly precious) time as well as an infusion of inspiration.
Sometimes I just slowly stroll and take in all the colors and textures, smelling that one and only aroma that comes when you mix hundreds of flowers, greens and cool temperatures, concrete and a whole lot of wonderful.
Away we went and had a great time, touching, smelling, 'looking only', holding hands and having fun in the walk-ins(refridg's), just me and my little guy. I normally don't go there with him, but today was wonderful, as most all of our days are when we are together. I brought home some real lovelies to add to my designs...down the line.

And then my next order of inspiration blip is that of hair...yep, you read right. I have had short hair for so long, I can't remember anything else... but often it starts growing out a bit and I think that maybe I will let it get longer (this time), then I go and get it all cut off, as my girl (hairstylist) knows so well what I really want and what suits me quite perfectly.

So, last week at my appt. she really cut it good, and by that, I mean alot, and very wonderfully, of course, because that is why I love her.
However, at first I was a bit taken back, thinking it was just too short, even for moi. Now, one week later, I have never loved the feeling (not actually no hair, just such a little bit of it) as much as I do right now. I mean to put my fingers through it in the a.m. after waking and have this choppy wee bit disheveled look...(tres moi) is a little unkept and just so perfect.

I can get on about my day, no time spent on doing the do, no clips, ponytails, blowdrying, heck I don't even wash it everyday (that is between us).
So, today I was reading one of my all time favorite blogs bohogirl who has recently got the most amazingly beautiful dreads and I was reminded again as I wrote about here of how we are often bound by our hair, and our appearance~ that is another blog post altogether~and I am just so happy to read and share in this blogging world of wonderful women, who open their hearts and minds to inspire us and move us along, even things as simple as hair.

I must go now and do art with wee of my most favorite times of the day.
What is your favorite time of the day, don't be shy,
leave a comment if you like...I won't bite.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Long, beautiful pathways...

Sometimes the pathways seems to stretch out so clearly ahead, to look forward and envision what is coming can be a beautiful thing...I am enlightened, inspired and infused with the love of my work and so everything seems bright, light and wonderous in its own way...
I have been creating all day, and the only things that wonderfully, amazingly distract me are the smiles and hugs of wee ones, the touch of our hands together, and the feel of chubby cheeks against mine, so soft it's crazy...those things make me, well, off we go to the wild patio to create art, draw & paint to our hearts content, glue things to things and make popsicle stick figures to have puppet-popsicle shows...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Still here...Still Lily...

I must first off apologize for my lack of blogging presence, I have been a bit under the weather and not quite meself of late...I am coming around so be patient...actually went out to the studio this eve and created a beauty for delivery tomorrow and it made me realize how much I am missing my work, and my hands in my work and my head around my work and the music when I work and well, just basically me is being true to myself.

I have been a bit plagued lately, as well, by those doubting voices, you know the ones that sit on the shoulder and whisper~no shout~ in your ear absurd statements to get you doubting etc etc blah blah blah...oh I try not to listen, and just turn the music up, but sometimes, my friends, this does not alway work.
So I breathe, I take a step back and I slow down, I stop and look at what I do and I see who I really am, how full my heart is when I create and that is a very wonderous thing which I really must remember to do more often.

So, this week I vow to overcome the negative, I commit to be the positive and move forward without doubt, with conviction, with my shoulders brushed clean of all little negative voices, head held high, staying strong in who I am & all that feeds my soul.

How have you been feeling?
Have a super fantastic evening.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

happy dogs, singing artists...

Our beloved Molly has turned to art it would seem... or at least sitting by overseeing the art which is ongoing here.

And often we sing whilst we paint...

Which brings me to a thought I had recently about how much our pets play in our lives, and more significantly the lives of our children. Growing up I had a few pets, a small dog Gypsy, who ran away quite promptly after bringing her home, never to be found again. Fancy, my next dog was a gift, but I never was taught (or at least did not grasp) the concept of caring for a pet, so my parents took care of her best they could and really, she was not given the attention she deserved so we gave her to a lady who desperately wanted a companion. It was not until my (now) husband and I were in our 30's that we found and became parents to an amazing pit/lab mix, who changed our lives, we loved someone (yes, dogs are people too, we used to say he was a man in a dog suit!) beyond ourselves and cared so deeply for this unique soul of a dog. He passed away some years ago, very abruptly from cancer and although we then had two children, whom he treated as his own, there was a huge hole left in our lives...especially our daughter who was old enough to truly miss him (our son was only 6 months old). We mourned and waited to see how the loss would never really did, we still miss and love that dog like crazy.

However, we adopted Molly about a year later and she has shown us, once again, how our lives are made richer by her presence, she is quiet and sweet, still a little energized since she is only 3 years old, however, she is the most patient being and just a happy gal all around.

And now Luke is our new addition as of Mar 09...he is a lover, soldier, sometimes wild boy, he has grown into a very good dog, with still much to learn.
And the children grow with these 4-legged family members, they learn to tread lightly at times, play kindly and treat them with respect and love. They understand the importance of training and care, feeding and discipline with these furry wonders.

There is nothing quite like seeing them hug their dogs and nuzzle their necks while calling them sweet little nicknames. Animals make a difference in our lives, sometimes it is hard and they may frustrate us at times, but that is part of the deal and the payoff is so so worth it.

Painting & singing in the sunshine...quiet, patient 4-legged friends always is good.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wonder surrounds series...

If you read this blog you will know that I am constantly taken by the wonder which surrounds me at any, and all, given moments (well, I try for all moments, but sometimes my friends, that is just, simply, not at all possible), so I do try to take it all in and embrace the good with the tough and enjoy as much as one mum, wife, friend, artist, human being can. These pictures are glimpses of moments I captured over the past few days which caught me by pleasant surprise.
New orbs hung in trees, prepping for new home in a most beautiful salon...
And resting, all 3, in the cool grass...
before taking center stage hanging from the ceiling for all to admire...

Colors that make you smile...

Little lovelies starting to grow...

Little lovely gardeners who help lovelies to grow...

And never tire of doing so...

Sunsets from the patio...

Like I always say, if you really stop, and breathe, listen and look, it is all around us...everyday.

Have a wonderous evening.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wood you believe...

My love for grapewood cannot be denied, this relationship I have with the twisting, curling, tough-hearted natural continues to evolve and grow. So it comes as no surprise that when I go pick out a whole new load, what a truly, absolutely fantastic, exciting day it is. I did this just yesterday and oh my, what beauties I brought back to my studio. They are all so lovely, I cannot explain with words...each completely unique and telling a wee story of their own, whispering natures secrets on the wind, standing proudly, stopping time.
I sorted and examined, sipped some iced mint tea, sorted, held close to my heart, sipped, sorted and just sat with a glowing smile at all that surrounded me, then I sorted some more and said goodnight to my new studio mates and promised to return first thing in the morn to begin paving the path for their next life.
And so, tea in hand, off I go.
Toodleooo for now my friends.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

peaceful pain

So since i am reading this i decided that perhaps getting back into bikram yoga might be a good plan on my part.
I have not done this style of yoga for many kids etc., and figured with the combination of heat and stretching this gal would be feeling fantastic in no time.
Well, i went to the 90 minute class on wednesday and on thursday i could barely walk down the hall to make lunches and get wee ones ready for school, then making it up the stairs to the carport was a feat in itself, not to mention walking through the school halls to drop little folks without looking like i had a stick in my bum and could use a cane.
But what i must mention is how completely really great i did feel regardless of muscle aches, my neck and back were so soft and my mind was at peace...ahhh i remember this feeling.
So i was planning to head back within a few days and got a cold, this is passing and so i will revisit the heat and sweating ( i am not normally a sweating kind of gal) and shall go this week. in hopes that the days following will find me walking normally and feeling all the peace within.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mellow Jello~ Ahh the Wonderous

In keeping with my Wonderous series; I am proposing that we all just stop, take a breath and look around at what is right in front of, or beside us, and if one is moving too fast...which is often the case...Well, then just turn right around and look behind you at what you missed and take it all in.

There is such wonder in the simple things you will see.

The simple act of eating jello it feels between our fingers and plops down on our belly when it misses our mouth, how it stays in one piece when we pick it it tastes so real (artifically, I know, this is not a healthy-food post by any means), cold and refreshing.

It's just that simple.
Life is often this simple, however, we don't slow down enough to see it and breathe it all in. Let's make a promise to do so.

Have a marvelously, wonderously, great day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Charming Visitor

Oh please come in
Nice to see you
It's been so long
You look absolutely divine...
Simply charming

This beauty I call The Charming Visitor.

The grapewood in this design is over 5o years old and all the embellishments are natural from the earth, created from my heart to my hand to your space (the lucky one who aquires it, that is!).

Spinning and twirling in mid-air, with a tranquil and kind spirit to enhance any corner of your world, guaranteed...
what a divine guest.

I have finally filled some more shelves in my Etsy shop and the lovelies are all lined up.

My inspiration and energy with my work is alive and my heART is beating strong.
New designs are on the burner and it is all quite exciting, I must say.

Have a lovely weekend filled with all the things you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome September

Right now, California is fighting a heated war of it's own...everywhere has it's issues, be it tornadoes, hurricanes, floods etc...and we have fires. Awful, spreading and destructive fires. For those who have lost their homes, treasures, lifes keepsakes, I cannot even imagine the pain. For those evacuated and unsure, I cannot imagine the feeling of instability. For those hoping it does not get close enough to damage, the fear must be immense.
My heart goes out to all.
I can feel that much for sure.

These are some shots, ironically enough I took a few weeks ago at a home I visited and this was the firebreak that was out the back of the property. I had not in all my life growing up in California seen this up close and somehow it was so real, I was awestruck.
This too shall pass.