Friday, September 4, 2009

The Charming Visitor

Oh please come in
Nice to see you
It's been so long
You look absolutely divine...
Simply charming

This beauty I call The Charming Visitor.

The grapewood in this design is over 5o years old and all the embellishments are natural from the earth, created from my heart to my hand to your space (the lucky one who aquires it, that is!).

Spinning and twirling in mid-air, with a tranquil and kind spirit to enhance any corner of your world, guaranteed...
what a divine guest.

I have finally filled some more shelves in my Etsy shop and the lovelies are all lined up.

My inspiration and energy with my work is alive and my heART is beating strong.
New designs are on the burner and it is all quite exciting, I must say.

Have a lovely weekend filled with all the things you enjoy!

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