Saturday, February 27, 2010

additions of the loveliest kind...

on a most quiet and peaceful day this past week, my wee country pad by the sea was empty except for me, bubbles the fish, two large silly dogs, who, given every opportunity wreck havoc everywhere...let me not stray from my story though, for on this day, everyone was most calm and still...whilst working on a new creation with tulip, i heard a soft scratching at the rear window, thinking to self that this was just a nosy bird, i continued to work diligently and most happily...upon the next scratching, i rose from my work, a wee bit frustrated, and went to the is what i saw coming up the hill... and nestled in the tree outside the window...surely the scratching culprits...

it became apparent that these lovely folks all seemed quite parched and hungry, so as i often am quick on my feet, i ran to the kitchen to fetch a few snacks for wooden bellied souls who so curiously found their way up my hill, to my window and into my bushes...when i got to the kitchen, i could not, for the life of me, figure out what sort of snacks would be acceptable to this lot. luckily, right at that moment, my lovely girl came home from school and upon assessing the situation (with great excitement, i might add), proceeded to give some wonderful suggestions of the culinary, we crushed up some crackers, chopped up some cheese and wee slices of apple, along with a pot of green tea...however, upon returning (a bit later than i planned due to all the preparing) with a lovely tray of delicious delights, this, my fine friends, is what we came upon...

oh, the upset & dismay we felt at seeing all these kind hearted traveling folks and their babies, who surely were just exhausted and wiped out (possibly from the long trip from russia?)...who, understandably collapsed, the whole bunch, right there on our grass atop the my most wise daughter instructed me quickly that we must revive and refresh each and every one with nourishment...and so we did and they were all happy, to say the least, for finding us, as we thanked them as well for making our day so very special...

and now that they are all nestled (they are after all, nesting dolls) on their own wee shelf in said girls room, with sunlight streaming in and regular meals, lots of playtime paired with good love, it would seem quite clear that everyone is very content.

here's wishing you a most delightful weekend

still lily

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

listening to...


these days this is what i am listening my studio, in my car, on my computer, in my head, when i create, when i sit, well just anytime...thought i'd share, as my dear friend did for this...

enjoy and go gently

Thursday, February 18, 2010


this week i,
felt the hint of summer sun
turned on the hose and giggled till my stomach ached (happily)...
kissed my son so much my lips hurt
tasted jasmine tea for the first time
ordered organic soap
designed a new piece from old wood
won a seaweed scarf, can't wait
watched my daughter grow
watched my son grow
had moments so rich with love i cannot even express
realized the importance of my sister
saw my mum in a new light
ate spicy salsa so my mouth was on fire
realized i have so much more to do (creatively)
slept the sleep of the peaceful at heart
tried a new night lotion, and loved it
felt the love of a hug and embrace so deep from my man...
told myself, one can only do so much, and was ok with that...
so what did you do this week?
stay human
still lily

Monday, February 15, 2010

desert dreams

there is something that happens to me when driving into the desert...if you have not been there it might be a little hard to understand, but a feeling prevails in the air, on the ground, it quietly envelopes you in the silent breeze of desert calm...i am taken everytime, i fall in love on a different level each trip, and usually do not feel as though i am there long enough, i crave more...and it happened again this weekend.

i am swept away by that feeling only desert sand, warm breezes, lazy ways and dry air, the oh so, clear evening skies stir within me... with so many stars the sky simply looses it's black and turns to a large eclipse of silver sheets...i drove at sunrise and watched to my left, as a great orange glow preceded the most amazing arrival of the sun, and glancing to my right were tumbleweeds happily drifting over the sand, pops of cacti awaited the warmth of the day, not one person or car in sight, no movement but my car sliding down an empty highway...i was moved in my much i stopped the car, stepped out and listened to the still silence which is a stranger to me these days...the sweet lack of sound, then it came, a swirl of desert sand and wind drifting past me like a a desert dream.

so i am welcoming the new design series Desert Dreams...first one was gently placed on a shelf in the shop just today...more to come, stay tuned.

have a simply wonderful day and go gently...
as though being carried by the desert breeze...
still lily

Friday, February 12, 2010

desert dreams...

well, designs are packed and i head out on a road trip to the desert tomorrow, after my lovely FZ returns from surfing, still have to complete orbs for show, and final touches on handful of designs...not sure how my work will be received in the desert, but you just don't know till you go, so off i go.

An Etsy shop update to occur tomorrow a.m. prior to departure, however, here are a few glimpses of new designs to be placed on the shelves this week...stay tuned.

I am sending lovely, heARTful, warm and fuzzy thoughts of kindness and red hot stuff on this valentines to you all...i am not one to buy into the lovey-chocolate-kissey-marketing thing...everyone should feel special and loved everyday, and well sometimes that may not be the case, and so if some folks need a day to do so, well, then so be it, me, i prefer the day to day love that surrounds me, no need for sweet treats and roses (yuck, just a personal note). However, i would like to send love and well wishes for warm and embracing vibes to all this weekend. I will be in the 80 degree desert, soaking all the rays of warm inspiration...will return tuesday with some more meandering and musing.

go gently, stay human and have lovely fun.

still lily

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

shout out

i just want to give a wee shout out to all the lovely folks who are presently finding, have found and are yet to find me on etsy,
your outpouring of kind words, orders and inquiries are overwhelming me with good vibes and for that i thank you from the top of my still lily head to my clog adorned in between orders, packing and shipping, i am in the throws of getting ready for an upcoming art show in the desert, which i am looking quite forward to as i do so love love the desert, in all its calm beauty and cool nights...i am refreshed every time i go and return with new inspiration and creativity, so watch out as i have a strong feeling that new and fun designs are on this western horizon...

i will probably not be back till after le weekend, so go gently and have a happy, lovey heartful and special weekend all you divine ladies and gents.

still lily

Saturday, February 6, 2010

getting ready

as seems to happen around the time before an art show, i get somewhat overwhelmed and a bit nervous about things to do and work to be completed, new pieces to create, which are in mind, trying to find their way out...time slips by quickly and though it is a fun experience, it is a bit scary to me as as i prep and work for the upcoming show in the desert, it is important to take some time and just chill as well...not too much time, mind you, but we really all must remember to slow down, and that is just the simple truth of it all.

sunny california is enveloped in a blanket of grey skies and rain, which, i absolutely love love love, these hills are the greenest of green and tall pines that surround this country home by the sea bend gently in the wind...
good working weather...or lounging weather...hmmmm...making tea and then will decide.

have a lovely weekend wherever you may be.

ta ta for now ~still lily

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sew this

Ever since Santa brought me a special treat for christmas as seen here i have been trying to think of what my first project would be, seeing as i am a complete newbie to sewing...however, i could not deny the call to push that foot pedal and hear the lovely sound of thread connecting fabric.
The process of sewing (and learning something new) has become something i look forward to each evening after the wee ones are down and the house is quiet.
Well, I cannot deny my complete love and adoration for this beautiful machine, which by the way, has been given the name 'tulip' and her own wee spot in the house, on an old table and slowly is being surrounded by notions of the sewing kind...kept company by lovely scraps and partial yards of fabrics, old and new.
However, I felt quite let down & a tad dissapointed, when opening a nylon kind of crunchy weird item from the box on Christmas morn....'what might this be?' i said to myself..with a rather disgruntled look 'oh it is the cover for my new love'...

...well, this cover was certainly not fit for such a wonder and beautiful kind such as the plan was laid to make a cover....and so here we have pattern (except a general plan from the drudgy one), no idea of what to do, but here it is and i must say as soon as it was draped over the lovely gal, she just sort of perked up and sat a little more proudly on that old table.

what is next you might ask? well, i have some aprons in mind...but we will just see about that one.

sew gently and have fun

still lily