Friday, February 12, 2010

desert dreams...

well, designs are packed and i head out on a road trip to the desert tomorrow, after my lovely FZ returns from surfing, still have to complete orbs for show, and final touches on handful of designs...not sure how my work will be received in the desert, but you just don't know till you go, so off i go.

An Etsy shop update to occur tomorrow a.m. prior to departure, however, here are a few glimpses of new designs to be placed on the shelves this week...stay tuned.

I am sending lovely, heARTful, warm and fuzzy thoughts of kindness and red hot stuff on this valentines to you all...i am not one to buy into the lovey-chocolate-kissey-marketing thing...everyone should feel special and loved everyday, and well sometimes that may not be the case, and so if some folks need a day to do so, well, then so be it, me, i prefer the day to day love that surrounds me, no need for sweet treats and roses (yuck, just a personal note). However, i would like to send love and well wishes for warm and embracing vibes to all this weekend. I will be in the 80 degree desert, soaking all the rays of warm inspiration...will return tuesday with some more meandering and musing.

go gently, stay human and have lovely fun.

still lily

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