Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall...sort of in the air's in the air...can you feel it? Ha! If you can that is delightful, because here in So. Cal, the only thing in the air is 98 degree + temperatures and it's just downright muggy and hardly motivational...however, today has cooled to a nice brisk 80 degrees, so I shall not complain.  Not a big fan of heat over here, how about you?
My mind does however,  long for Fall which is just around the corner, and it has been part of the plan  to create some 'holiday cheer' for my wee little shop around this all time favorite holiday...yep, you guessed it Halloween!  

Handmade in every sense of the word; brass formed, hammered, headpins soldered, black pearls, Howlite skull, vintage bead, all wrapped, and put together with love to hang and dangle delightfully from your beautiful lobes on sterling silver ear wires.

 Truly, I must say these little lovelies can be worn all year long with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to that favorite black dress...I am not lying, because well, that would just simply not be nice.
Go gently kind ones...
Still Lily

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Around these parts...

It's been a while lovely ones, I know, I know, but it's sometimes tough this bloggin thing...and the moming thing, the householding thang, everyday stuff things, the creative thing and keeping it all updated as know what I am talking about, that is for I thought I would update and try to promise to come here more often for there are some of you quiet types that come in to visit and sit with your tea...I really like you with your tea you know...
Ok, this is a wee bit of a visual update with a few words thrown in for good is what has been happening around these parts of late:
Contributed handmade flags for a Prayer Flag project with some lovely gal pals wherein a connection was made at an art retreat and let me tell you, I am a bit of a lagger when it comes to deadlines for things creative (trying to work that out, because it is rather a pain) but this was such a wonderful project and so calming...more to come on that for sure.

Experienced a first ever show with my jewelry designs at a local event and it was probably the most fun and best best way for me to interact with so many amazing women...
There were sisters wanting pieces for sisters and mothers for daughters and daughters for mothers and daughters for mothers get it.  
An absolutely amazing time, all the energy and sweet feedback, here's a few sneaky peakys of that show...

 Then a Gallery notices my work at the show and now voila this girls designs are in said Gallery...I am honored to be amongst so many amazing local artists.

 In between there are hand etched designs of wee, little gifts for friends and then one thinks "wow these are pretty lovely and must be put in the  shop...because it's only fair (btw every design is unique, that's what happens when  you make things with your hands).

Ahhh Art Journaling...have you tried this lately, if not, you really really need to, matter of fact I command you to! Just kidding, sort of.
I have had the opportunity for sometime now to host art journaling workshops at my home and I must say the experience is downright fulfilling,  nourishing well really so much more than I could have expected...the company is sweet, the teacher  is...well, no words do'll just have to check it's really really great stuff my fine ones...truly it is.

Oh and have you met Zeke, he's a one of kind love machine who just does not fail to surprise...packs a whole lot in one little vessel...just look at those eyes...

Go Gently 
Kind Ones
For you truly are lovely 
You  had better know this
Still Lily