Thursday, November 29, 2012

new dreams...

Dreams are illustrations...from the book your soul is writing about you.  
~Marsha Norman

It would seem that recently new doorways are opening & not just the dream very clear places...
Here's hoping that life is being most kind to you fine folks.

Monday, November 19, 2012

quiet the busy...

It would seem I have become a sporadic blogger, I am gets so busy at times it just isn't easy to come to my little space here in the webular world...but suffice to say that it's getting colder here in sunny California..finally! and with shorter days and fires burning at night (sounds romantic and dreamy, but really occurs more often due to lack of heat in this old home)...thoughts are running to what to create for holiday gifts...I love this time of year, but somehow this year it seemed I had not even shoved the last Halloween box in the attic, and there were Christmas trees everywhere...not even a gobble gobble in sight...I want to slowwww down and enjoy each season, do I have to start hearing 'Jingle Bells' two weeks into November at Michaels?  And the business of traffic and crowds is loud and all around out there.

So, to quiet the busy I sat down to finish some reclaimed tiles & other unfinished items this past weekend and plan to list in the shop here soon.  
What I found was the soothing, slowness of mixing colors and ripping vintage papers and doodling, journaling, knitting, exploring new creative endeavors...these things are comforting and quieting and are preparing me for gift giving and the season approaching...
How about you? How do you keep calm with the onset of these holidays?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

on cutting hair...and lightening loads...

so due to the fact that I have been a bit home grounded and unable to venture past my wee post box...secluded in the house with two children who are sadly enough suffering from double bouts of ickiness...
..i have found out that
 a.) I do in fact, clean a good closet and am not tied to possessions in any way, 
b.) crafts become craftier when you only have so much to work with 
c.) one needs to stay clear from the internet when one has time to loligag about 
d.) the whole home schooling thing is a tough one now that we have had to juggle and catch up and stay on top of things...i give these mum's some serious credit 
e.) i like to cook
and lastly (well, really I could go to Z)...getting my hair cut today
 was a gem of time secluded just for moi...
and man oh man do i love short hair...
somehow it feels to lighten the load,
feels so easy,
young and free...
that's all i got...
ta ta  you fine feathered folks...

Monday, November 5, 2012

beautiful bones...

so you say the heart has no bones...
                                                                                      stop right therei tell you,
 i have felt it breakdown 
 grow and soar to new heights
it has spoken to me in the still of the night
with a mind all its own
it has 
and pleaded...
to the bone.
so, i ask you now...
does your heart have bones?

Sunday, November 4, 2012


be happy for your health
be thankful for strong bodies
be calm in yourself
be grateful for all that is around you everyday
be in each moment
be free with your love to all whom you love
be kind
be real
be good to yourself
be it a trip to an art gallery
yoga class
 zumba...whatever...just be good to yourself regularly
be sweet to little ones always
be sharp and know that everything has a purpose
be simple...

these are my thoughts to you today..
because all we can, all we can be.
ta ta lovelies