Tuesday, July 27, 2010

quiet days of summer

summer is quieting a bit and it is rather nice, i must say...
these days it is about...
lots of seasonal fresh fruit being enjoyed
(have ever you tried tuscan cantalope? unreal, treat yourself and try one, it has green long stripes from top to bottom)
reading of new library books
finding a baby frog in our tomatoe plants
following this little froggie till he safely hopped out of sight (good job for him)
playing forts and caves under the covers
eating popsicles in the sun with sticky fingers and faces
conquests and arguments resolved (usually) between brother and sister who are spending so much time together
taking the time to prepare more vegan meals and enjoy the benefits of new eating ways
oh and remembering to breath deeply...
how's your summer?

Friday, July 23, 2010

time to ponder...

I am not a vocally political person, just never have been...raised as the sole american in a family who made their way from Canada via Scotland & Ireland, and held strong to their heritage & beliefs...without getting feathers in a bunch and disrupting too many points of view. I have recieved some heart sinking news regarding someone, younger than I, whom I do not know, but who is a beloved to someone I do know...and this poor young soul has lost his life to a war that has no meaning I personally can define or make sense of in any way (that is just my own perspective)... my heart goes straight out to you...mothers, wives, sisters, brothers, fathers, families, daughters, sons, every single one of you, there is not enough room on paper or in words to express to those of you who have lost loves.
I found this song here and cannot help but love this for the soul and truth in it, so amazing...hoping you do too.
With a heavy heart I say goodnight to you sweet, kind folks.

Friday, July 16, 2010

breathe deep...

i am not sure where i came up with the theory that summer was relaxing...probably because back in the days it was...the days of working at night and having time to myself to read, relax, do lots of yoga and basically ponder on things for a time period longer than 2 minutes throughout the day...

lately summer has been a bit of a whirlwind of activities, all of which are quite delightful, but making for days filled with hustle and bustle to and fro...
so today was a great diversion from the busyness...
it included to name a few:
making bread
& homemade salsa
playing barbies and army guys
reading and then watching a french book & video with wee ones
pool party in salt water (what a treat!)
chopping & grilling vegetables
making 4 new designs for a new line to arrive tomorrow in the shop
watching the sun go down on the patio with fz

taking the time to breath deep and relax...
now, that is my kind of summer day.

how was your day?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

call of the desert...

it starts out low...
then begins to get louder
stronger and more prevalent
with each mile traveled
this call becomes clear
it is the desert i so warmly hear...
the pull draws me close
such a feeling no words can describe...
heading out on a wee(kend) adventure for a few days...
good day and happy weekending to you all.
will return on monday with some lovely bliss to share.
p.s. design above available in shop here

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

mosaic pavers

today the weather was not so grand, especially for July in California... but at one point the sun peeked it's warm and lovely face out from the clouds...
and it was just at this moment, that we decided it was a perfect time to mix some cement and grab some pieces of old tile, glass and a bauble or two to make some garden pavers...
it was good fun and the results brought some color and spice to our entry garden!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

just in a day...

just today...
everyone in this house woke up on a different side of life...
wee ones argued over little dolls and where they belong,
to the point of extreme yelling,
a glass broke in the dishwasher upon removal &
evacuation of a kitchen took place, not completely efficiently...
it took one hour to leave the house for 20 minutes,
swimming lessons did not come to a smooth ending due to the
wrong pants in the bag (which mum packed), and that statement got repeated 300 times in an hour.
someone forgot underwear and complained about a wet bathing suit under shorts for 2 hours...
the library had a 'special needs folks' day and mum had to explain (eloquently and in ears shot) how we don't stare and everyone is wonderful in their own way...
a mother looses her child at the same said library and there is a sense of chaos that words cannot describe...
she finds him, all is well...(sigh of relief)
hubby rear ends a off duty police officer on way to work and a simple issue @ 20 mph is blown into space, with ambulance, firetrucks, multiple police and I am at a loss to understand where our society has gone...
a walk on the golf course at sunset brings arguments from wee ones (again) who do not have the chance to 'pick up poop' (who would have thunk such an argument would exist?).
and so it is bedtime, and there is much to do...but alas, I can only make a cup of sleepytime tea (do not need any sleep aids at this time) but I love this life...in all it's ups and downs...

how was your day? really, let me know...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

seeing right through...

she swims like a dolphin
runs like the wind
paints and draws with abandon
eyes a shade of blue deeper than the sea
in her world barbies and pirates dwell together
she emits spine curdling screams when encountering a spider
loves a stage on which to act
sings quietly when noone is around
creates stories with dolls which are magical and free
she sees right through me
she is quick and funny with a serious side
this is just the tip of what is our most cherished, amazing daughter...