Friday, June 25, 2010

pull of change...

lately there has been some things happening to me which have not felt right and have me feeling unsettled.

my stomach and system just aren't feeling joints ache and my back feels like it could get thrown out by picking up a sock from the floor...i started thinking that just because i have always eaten a certain way, which i have, in the past, thought to be quite healthy and even though i enjoy wine and love to eat cheese and since i don't have a sweet tooth, don't drink coffee and stay away from fast food...well, i thought i was pretty good. however, it has just struck me that changing and adjusting the things we do, although at times hard, is essential for our well being.

there is an old saying i remember that goes something like if you do what you've always done, you will get what you have always i am taking on some changes for my well being. only i know that my body feels off, only i know that something needs to change in order to get more clear and feel more at peace inside, and only i can do something about it... so i have ordered this book and will begin the journey to see if i can embrace this style of eating and living.

how are you feeling?

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