Tuesday, June 15, 2010

staying grounded...

sometimes at night i wake up and realize i have been dreaming about my hands in the dirt, digging and planting and arranging just so...this is where i find a certain connection for which i cannot define. there is something about creating simple, raw beauty with wee little plants that don't ask very much but bring such shining light wherever they may be.
and for me, when glass surrounds these beauties, somehow makes it all so clear, looking through pieces and really seeing into them makes things seem quite vivid and simply calming.

often, my days are filled with complete chaos and at times i do feel as though it's possible my short haired head will spin off and lodge itself high on a hilltop or catapult itself all the way into space...my work keeps me grounded at times, literally, i am in the earth, a part of the earth...and well, there are no words for how that makes me feel...calm, cool, happy and humbled are a few, i suppose. now, do not get me wrong, my life is lovely, family is undeniably the absolute best love i have ever known...but we all need a little something and well...this, my kind folk is a little bit of it for me...

I really, particularly like this shot because if you look super closely to the left side of this orb's reflection...you can see our new vacation home on wheels...who we still have not found a name to suit her in all her beauty....any suggestions?

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