Wednesday, March 30, 2011

lentil love...

yesterday i put some items in a pot, sauteed a couple vegetables then simmered...and today I served myself up a wee cup of love for lunch... i recommend that time be spent in the kitchen each day preparing something healthy (preferably in larger batches to enjoy for days to come) and sitting down to enjoy some comfort in a bowl to warm the soul.

Here are the ingredients, and I apologize for the lack of exact measurements, that is my cooking style, you can make to your liking/consistency:

soak approx. 1 1/2 cups lentils overnight

organic vegetable stock approx. 3 cups

curry powder mixed with stock to create a sauce like consistency

chopped cauliflower (approx 1 cup)

2 chopped scallions

sea salt


red pepper flakes

sautee cauliflower and scallions in curry sauce adding stock if dry, till soft

add vegetables and lentils (now soft) to stock

simmer adding seasoning to your liking

let sit overnight (in fridge)

warm up and serve with brown rice crackers, pita, whole wheat tortilla, or just alone!

hope you are having a downright lovely day.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

lazy saturdays...

saturdays are for...
reading in the sun on an old, comfy couch...

baking cupcakes from scratch...

eating cupcakes while dogs dream of sweet treats...

working on unfinished projects (believe me, there are plenty!)
and relaxing at home.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

little gifties...

when just a little something is in show a little love...give a little appreciation...share a little bliss...
here's to the little things in life.

And here's wishing you a big wonderful day!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

spring into...

it has become quite clear to me, as of today, that i apparently am a spring cleaner...

with vim and vigor cupboards are being cleared, boxes are being labeled, there is some goodwilling happening and overall organizing which is creating peace and calm around these parts...anyone else feeling it?

there is a spring in my step...the air is a wee bit warmer and the sun is shining a tad differently...longer days are upon us and the dark shall not last quite as long come this weekend.

may the warm sun shine your way...
all you fine feathered folks.

Friday, March 4, 2011

rocking on...

Ok, the fog is lifting and the slump in which I was dwelling for the past couple weeks is moving behind me...with this shift, comes the pull and that exciting little way that my head gets full and I cannot write my ideas down soon enough...rocking on, buy that, I do mean represent strength, patience, gratitude, courage...just to name a few.

Soon to be revealed.

Have a warm weekend, wherever you may be.

Still Lily

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

concrete shoes...

i have not been here lately...and really, it makes me quite sad, however, sometimes when the head is heavy and the mind uninspired...well, it is sort of hard to come visit with high hopes and positive vibes. Lately, it feels as though I am walking in concrete shoes and a drooping creative soul...that means to say, not a whole lot of awe-like dabblings happening and sparks are far from flying as well...BUT, i do feel with confidence, that this is soon to change for the pull of tides and the rising of thoughts has simply born into some ideas of wonderful things soon to sprout and grow.

Things really do come around...patience is my mantra.