Wednesday, March 30, 2011

lentil love...

yesterday i put some items in a pot, sauteed a couple vegetables then simmered...and today I served myself up a wee cup of love for lunch... i recommend that time be spent in the kitchen each day preparing something healthy (preferably in larger batches to enjoy for days to come) and sitting down to enjoy some comfort in a bowl to warm the soul.

Here are the ingredients, and I apologize for the lack of exact measurements, that is my cooking style, you can make to your liking/consistency:

soak approx. 1 1/2 cups lentils overnight

organic vegetable stock approx. 3 cups

curry powder mixed with stock to create a sauce like consistency

chopped cauliflower (approx 1 cup)

2 chopped scallions

sea salt


red pepper flakes

sautee cauliflower and scallions in curry sauce adding stock if dry, till soft

add vegetables and lentils (now soft) to stock

simmer adding seasoning to your liking

let sit overnight (in fridge)

warm up and serve with brown rice crackers, pita, whole wheat tortilla, or just alone!

hope you are having a downright lovely day.

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