Tuesday, April 27, 2010

some regret and sadness today...

what is the point of regret? what one is regretful for has been done, that is why we feel the regret...yes? i have felt regret today, it has been a bit of time coming, meaning that the very thing i feel regretful about has been done and is in the past...so why waste my feelings and be upset about it all? the sadness i feel is connected to how we attach ourselves to things and become a part of material things in our lives.

and now, because i am quite sure you are wondering what this is all about, i shall share that a month ago (yep, it's taken a month) we sold our old 1970's trailer, not because we had something newer, certainly not because we had the money to buy anything newer, no, just sold it, seemed the time. now we love to camp and we loved this camper, so why did we do this....? well, i just don't know, and quite frankly today would not be the day to ask me such a perplexing question...just know that i am sad, and regretful for all that is worth and just pondering these things...these are just a few wee glimpses of memories with said camper.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

mum's day on the way...

here is a little glimpse from still lily's storefront window (if there was a storefront...), pop over to the shop for more fun and fresh designs to send to your Mum or anyone!

tata for now lovelies...

Friday, April 23, 2010

flowers everywhere

Well, we all know Spring is in the air and it's a great time of year to create fun, colorful and springlike flower arrangements...I just so happen to be doing them for 20 tables at an upcoming auction...here is a wee glimpse.

I do love Spring...and flowers!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

king of the mountain, butterflies, springtime and ponderings...

the king of the mountain...

you can actually see the pollen blowing in the wind outside my wee home in the country not far from the sea, and for those of us with allergies, that is not always a welcomed sight, but it all goes hand in hand.
looking for fairies that, for surely live in this old, hollowed out tree trunk...one wee guy above, even informed us, quite excitedly, to have seen a flickering light of wings in the dark...

these days there is no denying that spring is here...the flowers in so. cal are amazing, blooming and truly unreal in their colors and abundance.
sometimes i tend to forget why i love california so much, and then this time of year rolls around (and summer, and fall and winter)
and i am reminded again of why this place i call home
is so very special.

so as i look ahead...it's all good
and then i look behind and that is not so bad either,
for it has brought me to where i am...

and this place is wonderous, let me assure you...
go gently, and have a simply divine evening.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the tale of a chair...

once upon a time (not so long ago...just a few weeks, to be exact) there was a chair left at the DAV, dropped at the door and abandoned quite sadly, a bit broken, forlorn & lonely.
this also happened to be the same day, my friends, which i decided to stop in to said DAV, for it had been quite a while since i had done so, and it just seemed the right time...

...for, i was, in fact, looking very particularly for a chair to place at a new art table in my wee home in the country not far from the sea...and so it came to pass that on a forgotten aisle of wounded furnishings i came upon a lovely piece of seating, that quite spoke to me and told me to go no further.
there scrawled in black crayon (that is for some reason, how they price their thrifted goods there at the old DAV) was the most appealing number 8..yep, $8 for a chair of the most unique nature and unknown upbringing.

needless to say, i embraced her (while no one was looking on) and quickly whispered that she should be named delilah, for she suited that name and all i could envision her becoming...in addition, she was intended, as well, for my dearest tulip and it soon became clear they would be best of friends in no time at all.

and when she gets cold in this country pad,
we cover her lovingly with sheepskin so soft... and that, my lovelies, is the tale of a chair named delilah.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i knit therefore i am...

i have a calendar on my desk which my lovely man FZ got for me for Christmas...it is a knitting calendar, yep, you did read that correctly...i know i know, quite granny-like, but i rather love it...and so today I opened it and here is what I read:
'Knitting can be an enormous help to people struggling with depression. It's an opportunity to get tangible proof that your're doing something right--and it's an excellent and undeniable way to see forward movement and accomplishment when you think your life doesn't have much of either.'
My life is quite full and I do not struggle with depression, but I rather liked this and it makes sense to me, very simply, as I turn to this special ritual in my life daily & it seems to keep me on even ground.
Go gently on yourself and have a quiet evening.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

waiting on the horizon...

these days we are thinking and putting our energies out to finding a new homestead to call our very own...
not looking far from where we are, just more room and space for wee ones, granan ones, four legged ones and well, us ones too...
here are some shots of our adventures in home hunting...

toodallooo for now...to be continued, you can be sure.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

things to come...mum...

Don't you love love love it when you are woke by your creative in the wee hours and are hit with an idea to beat all ideas? I do...and so, I keep a wee journal bedside and chicken scratch these thoughts and ideas in the dark, knowing that the light of day will bring them all back to me. Well, in the midst of all that occured (see previous post) this week, this very thing happened to me last night...and lo and behold if I wasn't the happiest gal at sunrise today. It is strange sometimes, I feel like I am tapped out, no more creative ideas to nurture, no more thoughts of wonderment or artistic risks to take...then bam, it happens again....so here is just a wee glimpse of some Mother's Day love to come...
ta ta for now lovelies and go gently where your heart calls.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

under a cloud...

You know how sometimes we write/read only about all the lovely things that inspire, ignite, infuse us with wonder, and how things are great and so uplifting...well, if we really stop and look in the mirror, that is not true to life all the time (more often sometimes)..so instead of a light spirited, inspirational post about my trip to the desert (which was by all purposes anticipated to be both those) I will say it like it is:

Over the past weekend:
This is what was experienced in my wee world:
Fevers reached 102+ in a boy with a heart condition...bringing a Mum (me) back to a dark place...
*Note to self, use art to face the fears and anxiety from years ago now resurfaced.
Ice in faceclothes on forehead all night, cool baths at 1 a.m.
Sitting on knees doing Yoga moves on the floor at 2 a.m. with a heavy heart...
Sleeping less than 20 hours in over 5 nights.
Keeping a positive front for sibling.
Trying to not think of how far we were from our doctor & home.
Spending Easter morning in Urgent Care.
Laying awake at 3 a.m., turning on the light in a cramped corner to write in a journal of saving grace.
Crying at dawn and wanting someone, anyone, to tell me what to do...
Realizing (again) that motherhood is so achingly wonderful and so so unknown....we learn every minute something new.
Driving home early with one, leaving another child to have the most memorable life experience with a Granan, but the longest time apart from a Mum...
Holding back tears driving away and smiling with the knowledge my little girl is fine, having fun and well loved...
And so it is Spring Break and I am not in the desert, soaking up the inspiration and feeling the love of those so dear...

I am home with my little man, caring and nurturing, loving and living in the moment...be it a card game, art, movie, book...this is where i am finding inspiration in this time...and so sometimes where we expect it the most, and where we desire it so deeply, does not always come out as planned and then we end up in a place which delivers something quite different, but all the same rewarding.

Here is to a surprisingly wonderful life!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

headin to the desert...

Yep, you read right...heading out tomorrow (to one of my favorite places on earth) where the sands blow in the warm breeze and tumbleweeds roll randomly like seaweed on the ocean floor.
Soaking in the desert is like a warm embrace to my soul...the wind brushes softly against my ears and envelopes me in the soft sounds of pure nature, no disruptions to be found.

Lately, there have been many things come to light...more on that another time, but needless to say, this spirit grows and lately, I find myself in a place of quiet contemplation, not a bad place to be at all, I must say.
There are shifts in our being which we cannot ignore...we make the choice to listen or not.
So tomorrow we pack up, the wee ones and me, head out to the warmth of the desert hills and soft sand, cool pools and heartful times with those we love.
Have a relaxing and most delightful Easter.

toenote: this design is a desert dreams series scheduled to be on the shelves in the wee shop next week