Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i knit therefore i am...

i have a calendar on my desk which my lovely man FZ got for me for is a knitting calendar, yep, you did read that correctly...i know i know, quite granny-like, but i rather love it...and so today I opened it and here is what I read:
'Knitting can be an enormous help to people struggling with depression. It's an opportunity to get tangible proof that your're doing something right--and it's an excellent and undeniable way to see forward movement and accomplishment when you think your life doesn't have much of either.'
My life is quite full and I do not struggle with depression, but I rather liked this and it makes sense to me, very simply, as I turn to this special ritual in my life daily & it seems to keep me on even ground.
Go gently on yourself and have a quiet evening.

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