Tuesday, April 27, 2010

some regret and sadness today...

what is the point of regret? what one is regretful for has been done, that is why we feel the regret...yes? i have felt regret today, it has been a bit of time coming, meaning that the very thing i feel regretful about has been done and is in the past...so why waste my feelings and be upset about it all? the sadness i feel is connected to how we attach ourselves to things and become a part of material things in our lives.

and now, because i am quite sure you are wondering what this is all about, i shall share that a month ago (yep, it's taken a month) we sold our old 1970's trailer, not because we had something newer, certainly not because we had the money to buy anything newer, no, just sold it, seemed the time. now we love to camp and we loved this camper, so why did we do this....? well, i just don't know, and quite frankly today would not be the day to ask me such a perplexing question...just know that i am sad, and regretful for all that is worth and just pondering these things...these are just a few wee glimpses of memories with said camper.

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  1. Don't be too sad Kelly,something new will come and that will be great.

    Miss you.