Wednesday, April 7, 2010

things to come...mum...

Don't you love love love it when you are woke by your creative in the wee hours and are hit with an idea to beat all ideas? I do...and so, I keep a wee journal bedside and chicken scratch these thoughts and ideas in the dark, knowing that the light of day will bring them all back to me. Well, in the midst of all that occured (see previous post) this week, this very thing happened to me last night...and lo and behold if I wasn't the happiest gal at sunrise today. It is strange sometimes, I feel like I am tapped out, no more creative ideas to nurture, no more thoughts of wonderment or artistic risks to take...then bam, it happens here is just a wee glimpse of some Mother's Day love to come...
ta ta for now lovelies and go gently where your heart calls.

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