Tuesday, April 20, 2010

king of the mountain, butterflies, springtime and ponderings...

the king of the mountain...

you can actually see the pollen blowing in the wind outside my wee home in the country not far from the sea, and for those of us with allergies, that is not always a welcomed sight, but it all goes hand in hand.
looking for fairies that, for surely live in this old, hollowed out tree trunk...one wee guy above, even informed us, quite excitedly, to have seen a flickering light of wings in the dark...

these days there is no denying that spring is here...the flowers in so. cal are amazing, blooming and truly unreal in their colors and abundance.
sometimes i tend to forget why i love california so much, and then this time of year rolls around (and summer, and fall and winter)
and i am reminded again of why this place i call home
is so very special.

so as i look ahead...it's all good
and then i look behind and that is not so bad either,
for it has brought me to where i am...

and this place is wonderous, let me assure you...
go gently, and have a simply divine evening.

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