Thursday, April 1, 2010

headin to the desert...

Yep, you read right...heading out tomorrow (to one of my favorite places on earth) where the sands blow in the warm breeze and tumbleweeds roll randomly like seaweed on the ocean floor.
Soaking in the desert is like a warm embrace to my soul...the wind brushes softly against my ears and envelopes me in the soft sounds of pure nature, no disruptions to be found.

Lately, there have been many things come to light...more on that another time, but needless to say, this spirit grows and lately, I find myself in a place of quiet contemplation, not a bad place to be at all, I must say.
There are shifts in our being which we cannot ignore...we make the choice to listen or not.
So tomorrow we pack up, the wee ones and me, head out to the warmth of the desert hills and soft sand, cool pools and heartful times with those we love.
Have a relaxing and most delightful Easter.

toenote: this design is a desert dreams series scheduled to be on the shelves in the wee shop next week

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