Saturday, April 17, 2010

the tale of a chair...

once upon a time (not so long ago...just a few weeks, to be exact) there was a chair left at the DAV, dropped at the door and abandoned quite sadly, a bit broken, forlorn & lonely.
this also happened to be the same day, my friends, which i decided to stop in to said DAV, for it had been quite a while since i had done so, and it just seemed the right time...

...for, i was, in fact, looking very particularly for a chair to place at a new art table in my wee home in the country not far from the sea...and so it came to pass that on a forgotten aisle of wounded furnishings i came upon a lovely piece of seating, that quite spoke to me and told me to go no further.
there scrawled in black crayon (that is for some reason, how they price their thrifted goods there at the old DAV) was the most appealing number 8..yep, $8 for a chair of the most unique nature and unknown upbringing.

needless to say, i embraced her (while no one was looking on) and quickly whispered that she should be named delilah, for she suited that name and all i could envision her addition, she was intended, as well, for my dearest tulip and it soon became clear they would be best of friends in no time at all.

and when she gets cold in this country pad,
we cover her lovingly with sheepskin so soft... and that, my lovelies, is the tale of a chair named delilah.

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  1. I love it! You are inspiring me to do my own chair. i'll take a pic of it and post it so you can tell me where to start? I've been schlepping this chair around for 7 years with hopes of refinishing it in several animal prints...what do you think? You are such a talented writer. I love your stories too....