Friday, July 23, 2010

time to ponder...

I am not a vocally political person, just never have been...raised as the sole american in a family who made their way from Canada via Scotland & Ireland, and held strong to their heritage & beliefs...without getting feathers in a bunch and disrupting too many points of view. I have recieved some heart sinking news regarding someone, younger than I, whom I do not know, but who is a beloved to someone I do know...and this poor young soul has lost his life to a war that has no meaning I personally can define or make sense of in any way (that is just my own perspective)... my heart goes straight out to you...mothers, wives, sisters, brothers, fathers, families, daughters, sons, every single one of you, there is not enough room on paper or in words to express to those of you who have lost loves.
I found this song here and cannot help but love this for the soul and truth in it, so amazing...hoping you do too.
With a heavy heart I say goodnight to you sweet, kind folks.

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