Monday, November 19, 2012

quiet the busy...

It would seem I have become a sporadic blogger, I am gets so busy at times it just isn't easy to come to my little space here in the webular world...but suffice to say that it's getting colder here in sunny California..finally! and with shorter days and fires burning at night (sounds romantic and dreamy, but really occurs more often due to lack of heat in this old home)...thoughts are running to what to create for holiday gifts...I love this time of year, but somehow this year it seemed I had not even shoved the last Halloween box in the attic, and there were Christmas trees everywhere...not even a gobble gobble in sight...I want to slowwww down and enjoy each season, do I have to start hearing 'Jingle Bells' two weeks into November at Michaels?  And the business of traffic and crowds is loud and all around out there.

So, to quiet the busy I sat down to finish some reclaimed tiles & other unfinished items this past weekend and plan to list in the shop here soon.  
What I found was the soothing, slowness of mixing colors and ripping vintage papers and doodling, journaling, knitting, exploring new creative endeavors...these things are comforting and quieting and are preparing me for gift giving and the season approaching...
How about you? How do you keep calm with the onset of these holidays?

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