Thursday, February 18, 2010


this week i,
felt the hint of summer sun
turned on the hose and giggled till my stomach ached (happily)...
kissed my son so much my lips hurt
tasted jasmine tea for the first time
ordered organic soap
designed a new piece from old wood
won a seaweed scarf, can't wait
watched my daughter grow
watched my son grow
had moments so rich with love i cannot even express
realized the importance of my sister
saw my mum in a new light
ate spicy salsa so my mouth was on fire
realized i have so much more to do (creatively)
slept the sleep of the peaceful at heart
tried a new night lotion, and loved it
felt the love of a hug and embrace so deep from my man...
told myself, one can only do so much, and was ok with that...
so what did you do this week?
stay human
still lily

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  1. a beautiful post! so glad i found you via wishstudio, thanks for chiming in on my motherhood/creativity post, it sound like we have lots in common.