Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sew what...sew this

Ever since Santa brought me a special treat for christmas as seen here i have been trying to think of what my first project would be, seeing as i am a complete newbie to sewing...however, i could not deny the call to push that foot pedal and hear the lovely sound of thread connecting fabric.
The process of sewing (and learning something new) has become something i look forward to each evening after the wee ones are down and the house is quiet.
Well, I cannot deny my complete love and adoration for this beautiful machine, which by the way, has been given the name 'tulip' and her own wee spot in the house, on an old table and slowly is being surrounded by notions of the sewing kind...kept company by lovely scraps and partial yards of fabrics, old and new.
However, I felt quite let down & a tad dissapointed, when opening a nylon kind of crunchy weird item from the box on Christmas morn....'what might this be?' i said to myself..with a rather disgruntled look 'oh it is the cover for my new love'...

...well, this cover was certainly not fit for such a wonder and beautiful kind such as tulip....so the plan was laid to make a cover....and so here we have it...no pattern (except a general plan from the drudgy one), no idea of what to do, but here it is and i must say as soon as it was draped over the lovely gal, she just sort of perked up and sat a little more proudly on that old table.

what is next you might ask? well, i have some aprons in mind...but we will just see about that one.

sew gently and have fun

still lily

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  1. Wow...she is just a beauty now with her new attire....very impressed;)