Wednesday, February 10, 2010

shout out

i just want to give a wee shout out to all the lovely folks who are presently finding, have found and are yet to find me on etsy,
your outpouring of kind words, orders and inquiries are overwhelming me with good vibes and for that i thank you from the top of my still lily head to my clog adorned in between orders, packing and shipping, i am in the throws of getting ready for an upcoming art show in the desert, which i am looking quite forward to as i do so love love the desert, in all its calm beauty and cool nights...i am refreshed every time i go and return with new inspiration and creativity, so watch out as i have a strong feeling that new and fun designs are on this western horizon...

i will probably not be back till after le weekend, so go gently and have a happy, lovey heartful and special weekend all you divine ladies and gents.

still lily

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