Saturday, February 6, 2010

getting ready

as seems to happen around the time before an art show, i get somewhat overwhelmed and a bit nervous about things to do and work to be completed, new pieces to create, which are in mind, trying to find their way out...time slips by quickly and though it is a fun experience, it is a bit scary to me as as i prep and work for the upcoming show in the desert, it is important to take some time and just chill as well...not too much time, mind you, but we really all must remember to slow down, and that is just the simple truth of it all.

sunny california is enveloped in a blanket of grey skies and rain, which, i absolutely love love love, these hills are the greenest of green and tall pines that surround this country home by the sea bend gently in the wind...
good working weather...or lounging weather...hmmmm...making tea and then will decide.

have a lovely weekend wherever you may be.

ta ta for now ~still lily

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