Thursday, January 28, 2010

away but here...

i have not been too present lately, well, present in the techie sense that is...however, i have been quite present of mind and soul of late. had a wee one down after minor surgery ...which has caused me to slow down as i have moved into nurse-mum mode, which by the way, i do truly love.

however, this has all brought to mind some interesting thoughts which i will gladly share a bit here with you.
it is rather nice to be disconnected for a spell and to not fret about checking in and following up as such...i have decided that it cannot be denied that the addiction to the world wide connecting web is present, however, now and again it is a wonderful thing to shut it down & out, which is precisely what i have done in the last week.
tending to children is a miraculous and all loving task, it is wonderful and completely tiring, yet truly embraces the leaves one so happily drained and inexplicably fullfilled at the end of the day. i am left very content to put it simply, and really, that is all we need, sometimes it is so nice to not think of ourselves and to just give give give, that is what being a mother is all about, and we tend to get caught up sometimes in what we need and what we want and what we have lost etc.. do not get me wrong, i cherish the things that i create for myself and that i love for me alone, but sometimes it is nice to set them aside and just focus on what is really real and true.
so i thank my wee ones, once again and if you don't hear from me for a few days, you will now know why...

all of these photos are by our most loved and adored life friends
go gently and be happy.
still lily

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