Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's a beach of a life...

Just thought I would share a wee bit of twenty ten inspiration, since the lovelies surround and enlighten my life...here is a glimpse of what is to come, you can find this beauty recently listed in the shop...life is simply beachy.

Go gently kind folk.

Still Lily

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  1. so my dear i think the best advice i can give you is not to do what i did when learning crochet... it was painful and took forever.

    however my friend learnt over a year ago and is whipping out granny squares all over the place... and the magic to her crocheting ways was the power of You Tube. she sat down and learnt it from the many tutorials they have. and that would be my best advice... i just looked up chevron pattern and a 'lovely dear' showed me how and hey presto, me and Mr Hook are doing our chevron thing in perfect harmony...

    i wish you luck and the happiest of happy new years
    Tif x