Thursday, January 14, 2010

all comes around...

when i find the need for clarity and grounding often i turn to my old reliable, my confidant and lovely source of security...well, now, who might that be, you ask? well, would you think me completely insane, would you send me off to the looney bin, would you go running down my lane never looking back...if i told you it was...hmmm....wood...

well, if you look closely you will see will see what comes from heart to hand in my designs...often literally shining through...they bring me hope, keep me grounded and a wee bit sane as one gal can be.
here is to taking a piece of old wood, which no one knew what to do with...and making it shine so brightly...nope, can't give this one up, it's staying in this country pad.

i hope none of you ever is questioned about your artistic quality and how you project your design ideas...which are all yours and yours alone, it never feels good and causes one a bit dismay.

go gently and be kind.
p.s. that lamp in background is made by my man FZ's hands and heart love

still lily

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