Monday, January 11, 2010

all in my own stride...

for sometime now i have felt the pull to slow...step back, take a breath, or two or ten and just slow it all down. It is pretty amazing to me what happens when one stops thinking so darn hard about where things are going and what is to happen and how it will all come to pass and such...then it is like i opened up my hands and let it all fly free, over a cliff out into thin air and it all went where it needed to go and is making its way back around all in my own stride, without even knowing.

i think there is a zen kind of statment that says if you hold on too tightly to a hand full of sand it will never be free to flow, but if you just let go a bit the sand will slip gently and easily from your hands...something of that nature, makes such beautiful sense.

as i sat yesterday with a great and fairly new girliefriend, i realized how lucky i am to have such wonderful beings in my life, to share times and lifes ups and downs, it fills my heart and warms my wee soul and for that i am most grateful...
and once again another incredible sunset from, as i like to call it 'the top of the world'...what an amazing afternoon filled with laughter, talking, food, sipping bubbly and heartfilling fun (not to mention a bumpy truck ride filled with kids, one amazing Buddy dog and some serious giggles to an abandoned avocado farm).
Have a simply delightful evening lovelies.
Still Lily

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