Friday, January 8, 2010

Things to come

So, for some time now there has been a pulling inside this do a little more, push it all a wee bit further...go there, to that space feared before, the unknown...the mystery of it, sounds so intriguing...but the simple of it, is that for so long now, this gal has wanted to sew...and crochet...yep, you read right.
And so, in light of this Christmas' super great treat, I am off to sew away tomorrow and am just now embarking on a steamy affair with my own proclaimed 'Cap't Hook'...who will take me to new adventures of mind and soul with a crochet needle and some beautious yarn...ooooo the suspense is almost too much to take.

So, I hope you will follow on this journey of needles, thread, yarn and wonder...for it all really is so wonderful, wouldn't you say?

For you, I wish a happy, delightful and most relaxing weekend.

Tata for now lovelies.
Still Lily

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kelly,

    So nice we have the same in France from my grand mother.I'd like to ask you if i can buy a new flower for my decoration because half of it died(the flower with just a few water)

    Have a good week end