Wednesday, September 9, 2009

peaceful pain

So since i am reading this i decided that perhaps getting back into bikram yoga might be a good plan on my part.
I have not done this style of yoga for many kids etc., and figured with the combination of heat and stretching this gal would be feeling fantastic in no time.
Well, i went to the 90 minute class on wednesday and on thursday i could barely walk down the hall to make lunches and get wee ones ready for school, then making it up the stairs to the carport was a feat in itself, not to mention walking through the school halls to drop little folks without looking like i had a stick in my bum and could use a cane.
But what i must mention is how completely really great i did feel regardless of muscle aches, my neck and back were so soft and my mind was at peace...ahhh i remember this feeling.
So i was planning to head back within a few days and got a cold, this is passing and so i will revisit the heat and sweating ( i am not normally a sweating kind of gal) and shall go this week. in hopes that the days following will find me walking normally and feeling all the peace within.
Have a great day.

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