Thursday, September 17, 2009

happy dogs, singing artists...

Our beloved Molly has turned to art it would seem... or at least sitting by overseeing the art which is ongoing here.

And often we sing whilst we paint...

Which brings me to a thought I had recently about how much our pets play in our lives, and more significantly the lives of our children. Growing up I had a few pets, a small dog Gypsy, who ran away quite promptly after bringing her home, never to be found again. Fancy, my next dog was a gift, but I never was taught (or at least did not grasp) the concept of caring for a pet, so my parents took care of her best they could and really, she was not given the attention she deserved so we gave her to a lady who desperately wanted a companion. It was not until my (now) husband and I were in our 30's that we found and became parents to an amazing pit/lab mix, who changed our lives, we loved someone (yes, dogs are people too, we used to say he was a man in a dog suit!) beyond ourselves and cared so deeply for this unique soul of a dog. He passed away some years ago, very abruptly from cancer and although we then had two children, whom he treated as his own, there was a huge hole left in our lives...especially our daughter who was old enough to truly miss him (our son was only 6 months old). We mourned and waited to see how the loss would never really did, we still miss and love that dog like crazy.

However, we adopted Molly about a year later and she has shown us, once again, how our lives are made richer by her presence, she is quiet and sweet, still a little energized since she is only 3 years old, however, she is the most patient being and just a happy gal all around.

And now Luke is our new addition as of Mar 09...he is a lover, soldier, sometimes wild boy, he has grown into a very good dog, with still much to learn.
And the children grow with these 4-legged family members, they learn to tread lightly at times, play kindly and treat them with respect and love. They understand the importance of training and care, feeding and discipline with these furry wonders.

There is nothing quite like seeing them hug their dogs and nuzzle their necks while calling them sweet little nicknames. Animals make a difference in our lives, sometimes it is hard and they may frustrate us at times, but that is part of the deal and the payoff is so so worth it.

Painting & singing in the sunshine...quiet, patient 4-legged friends always is good.

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