Monday, September 21, 2009

Still here...Still Lily...

I must first off apologize for my lack of blogging presence, I have been a bit under the weather and not quite meself of late...I am coming around so be patient...actually went out to the studio this eve and created a beauty for delivery tomorrow and it made me realize how much I am missing my work, and my hands in my work and my head around my work and the music when I work and well, just basically me is being true to myself.

I have been a bit plagued lately, as well, by those doubting voices, you know the ones that sit on the shoulder and whisper~no shout~ in your ear absurd statements to get you doubting etc etc blah blah blah...oh I try not to listen, and just turn the music up, but sometimes, my friends, this does not alway work.
So I breathe, I take a step back and I slow down, I stop and look at what I do and I see who I really am, how full my heart is when I create and that is a very wonderous thing which I really must remember to do more often.

So, this week I vow to overcome the negative, I commit to be the positive and move forward without doubt, with conviction, with my shoulders brushed clean of all little negative voices, head held high, staying strong in who I am & all that feeds my soul.

How have you been feeling?
Have a super fantastic evening.


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