Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hair we are...

I only have time to read a few blogs and one is Bohogirl, & today I read about her very freeing and lovely experience with a new do-hair that is...dreadlocks.
I realized from reading her post, that I had actually went through a transition some years ago, and my letting go of internal issues with physical boundaries, was achieved by actually cutting off all my hair...

It got me thinking about hair and how we are connected to our hair and the physical (& internal) tie to appearance that our hair represents.

I sort of wish I had possesed the insight and slowed down enough to actually consider dreads, I would have loved them, I just know.
My short-to-no hair is my thing now, it is who I am. I am a no fuss, straight from the heart shooter, not sure how that relates to my actual hair, but it helps, I guess because I don't spend a whole lot of time primping and priming myself to take on the world each day (not to mention with two wee ones constantly in tow, I really, very happily, just do not have time). I have people tell me often that they don't know too many people who could pull it off as such (the lack of hair).

It just so happens that we headed to the haircut shop today for SZ, and I was thinking again about the interesting connection with our personalities and self image, as weirdly as it might sound, to our hair.
Our son is a wonder (there I go using that word again, but it so fits) and his hair suits his personality, as it just so came to be naturally; artist, surfer, musician (to be)...he suits his look and his hair is a big part of that. Hmmmm.
So, I just thought I would see how you feel about your hair, and how, if in anyway, you feel its connection to your real self?

I like hair. To me, the less the better ...but Oh, those dreads, they sure are beautiful....maybe one day.

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  1. Hairarious! your doooo looks faboo! really, i like the highlights. don't work too hard lady. love ya, your best maui girlfriend