Saturday, August 22, 2009


Lately I have felt the pull of motherhood and creative voices, one pulls me one way the other another way, my arms are stretched out (from the pulling) and I have felt a heaviness on my shoulders.
I sometimes have not been as attentive as I am capable, I know sometimes I am present in body, but my mind is out in the studio I have made a choice to be more aware, be more truly present and breathe it all in. School begins around the corner and these are some cherished times alone with a open schedule and wee lovelies by my side.
So for now, it is long, leisurely mornings of snuggles in bed, tea party picnics at breakfast and lunch, messy paints all over the patio, quiet reading on the couch, mystery scavenger hunts around the block (it's a long block) and soft goodnight back scratching after animated stories at bedtime.
May a balance always be found to be ourselves as the Mum's we know we are...and do what we love as artists.

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