Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wonderous series.

While visiting a family member who just moved into a new (fixer-upper) pad (backyard not touched yet) for a housewarming on the weekend, I heard the always wonderous, heartwarming sound of giggling coming from our two lovelies out back... upon walking through the gate I was struck by the simple joy and wonder of their amusement, orchestrated by Dad...as a big smile came across my face, my heart grew...for in this moment, I was once again, a most grateful and wonder-filled Mum.
I am always intrigued by the beauty that surrounds, no matter where we are, when children laugh and families are together, wonder abounds.
Here in this old yard, with overgrown weeds & a rusty wheelbarrow fun was found by an amazing threesome.
There was one flower shining in the corner and calling to be seen.

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