Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Ebb & Flow of Letting Go...

Sometimes you just have to let go.
Lately, there seems to be various pieces of me and issues in life, that I find must be released (for overall well being and peace of mind) while softly saying 'Goodbye'.
Overcoming fears has been on the top of the list recently.
In addition, seeing what is real in relationships and those that surround me and taking stock in what each piece in question means...whether it be as a friend, mother, wife or artist....
I realize that learning to let go is a journey for which I am constantly discovering new territory.
Letting go of my fears about exposing my art has opened doors and brought me such confidence to move forward. Good going on that one.

Letting go of small things with little lovelies
(speaking on children of course, or whomever your little lovely might happen to be)
can make one's day most wonderful.
We must, after all, pick our battles wisely.
Superbly done on that end.
Letting go of relationships/people, that is a new one for me...and I will leave it at that.
So far so good.
So, here is to holding strong and knowing the time to let go when life calls us to do so.

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