Friday, October 2, 2009

Home away...

Signing off here for le weekend and sending out relaxing, creative and insightful vibes for a lovely few days off to all.
Heading out to the seaside for some camping down time in our home away from many fun little tidbits of wonder to be had...the sounds of the ocean drifting us off into slumberland, crisp, cool mornings with hot tea to warm the soul, teaching further our lovely wee lady to knit, watching her teach her friends to knit, SZ building soldier forts in the dirt (it is just ingrained in these little guys I tell you)...oh the list goes on and on.
All wonderous, that I can say for sure.
There is something so amazing about this time of year in California. Fall is upon us and the air is so clean and crisp, days warm up but there is the undeniable feeling of change all around. Summer has passed and I am always ready when this time of year arrives.
The beaches are quiet and the breeze has shifted. It would appear however, that the Santa Ana's are also upon us, seems a bit late, and so the fact that they blow everything out to provide a crystal clear horizon, the pending fire hazard which takes a hold of our lovely state is also looming when these winds arrive.

I can't wait to experiment with my camera and deliver some great photos next week.
I am also taking a new journal and beginning the process of...well, writing again.
Here is to a super fantastic weekend and make sure to stop, look, listen and breathe it all in.
Tata for now.

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