Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh the wonders

Came across these pics today, from a past visit from our dearest friends over a year ago, and could not help but post/share...they were here again with us recently (pictures to be posted soon), we had such an unreal time (then and now) is always a wonder and yet bittersweet when all your dearest folks live so far away, you see them, share time, create memories, have more fun than you do any other time, with anyone else uniquely, and then they are gone sweet, and yet, so sad...such is life and makes us love all we have even more. As far as having best friends as photographers, well, we'd love them anyways, but they send us the memories of times to be truly remembered and so we do...and love every bit...of them, their treasured friendship, the memories, the wonder of it's to you Mike & Allie...we love you more than words...

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  1. Too cute! You are all beautiful:)
    xo Cat