Friday, October 30, 2009

Captive...or captivating?

That is how I feel about my work space...I often feel like I am held captive and not able to enter this most treasured space, due to the clutter, and overwhelming amount of work I feel I need to do creatively (that is kind of a strange statement, isn't it?) sometimes I do not go to this place and in turn, my work and creative soul suffers.
On the other hand, sometimes I am captivated by this corner of my world, all my own, amongst disarray that I let be, I create (the disarray that is, and I create an array of wonders as well) however, the balance is not a balance, it flows uneven and sporatic and I do not always care for that. So, I feel focused to get my creative zone in order and begin to put the pieces in place for myself and what I envision happening. Of course, life has an amazing way of getting in and taking over at times, alot of times, especially with wee ones to tend to unconditionally and husbands who need tending to as well, then home, dogs, business, you get the idea.

So this weekend I go in to the depths of the creative clutter I have emassed and so, take a look, at this pre studio and then I will follow up with a post studio shot to compare.

What are you lovelies doing this weekend? You know, you can drop me a comment, I really like to hear from you.

Have a marvelous Halloween and may it be full of surprising tricks and lots of treats!

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  1. Look forward to seeing the unveiling of the new studio! C