Thursday, October 22, 2009

Keeping up

These days at times I just seem to feel like I am skipping one step forward and three steps's busy this life and although it's all good, somedays just seem harder to keep it all together. It is part of the reason I have not been here so much lately...I am getting ready for the show and with the holidays upon us and some wonderful upcoming ReDesign jobs , the days slip by and much too quickly at that. So, I just try to enjoy, take it all in, do the best I can, try not to get stressed and hug and kiss the wee ones any chance I get (not to mention try to think of new and different things for healthy dinners!), as well as give time to myself (Yoga, quiet tea time at dawn).

It was not until I had children that my creative soul truly emerged completely, I am not really sure why, maybe from a desire to have something that was all my own (seperate from being a mum and wife), or because I finally slowed down enough to hear those voices which told me to be true to all that I love, even my creativeness. For whatever reason it feeds my soul on a whole different level and although it is a balancing act at times, I always emerge filled and content, even when I am overrun by dinosaurs and dogs.

Have a great day!

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