Monday, October 5, 2009


Often, I have to stop and remind myself to be grateful. Yes, I know that may sound like a no brainer, but really how many of us are truly grateful regularly? I try to be, however, life gets going and we sometimes get into the groove of things so much that we neglect our gratitude for all that is around us; people, nature, ourselves. Yes, by ourselves, I mean that we should be grateful for all we are and that which we do.

This past weekend, I found myself, while camping, being aware of so many things for which I give gratitude. First, it was a rainbow right above our site, then the sunset that followed was framed in the most amazing clouds and fire burning sky. And upon turning from the sunset, I was staring straight up at the full moon! So bright and strong in the sky.

Gratitude washed over me like the tide rolling in and filled me with such happiness and love...I am inspired to share with those that I am thankful for. Never let an opportunity to express your thankfulness for someone in your life go by. And while you do so, remind yourself how wonderful you are as well and how thankful you are for you!

Let us remember to stop in our busy lives and give thanks for both small and big wonders around us.


  1. Heya Kelly!

    Are those your photos? They're really cool!