Tuesday, October 27, 2009

knitting, orbs and other such wonders

All photos in this post by the amazing Mike & Allie

As my grandmother taught me way back when, I now have taught my daughter the art of knitting. My grandmother was originally from Ireland, transplanted to Canada and would come to sunny California every year for 6 weeks, during which time she would bake scones, knit, teach me to knit, and basically just be a granny from the old country, she always smelled so good (like the smell of fresh wool) & her hands as sun warmed and roughly arthritic were always somehow quite soft, I remember. I felt the time overdue for my gal to learn this most amazing skill and she has taken it to it wonderfully, I am happy to report.

There is something very soothing in knitting...I remember my granny would sit quietly in the sun or whilst watching tv and all you could hear were the tap tap tapping of her needles, a very comforting sound to me as a child. Now, I knit all the time, there was a spell in which I did not, and I missed it. So I watch as my wee lady knits and enjoys this precious handspun creativeness.

I have been busy in the studio, here is a small glimpse of some of my recent work...I am excited about the upcoming show and seeing how my work is recieved...

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