Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Men & boys...

Sometimes it just becomes undeniably clear that men are really boys in big body suits...Oh my what a sight, my man FZ heading out to sea with our wee guy SZ to surf the waves, or at least learn a few tricks out there in the swells.
It was simply gorgeous this past weekend, water so divine, waves big at times but just right at this point when these two guys headed out.
There is really nothing quite like seeing a boy and his Dad just doing their thing. One more wonder as I like to say and so happy to share.

Have a great evening...and if you ever feel like dropping me a wee comment, I would love to hear from you (as well as make sure my comments work since I have had some problems over the past months).

Toodaloo for now.


  1. Oh man, I wish I was right where your hubby is standing right now!! (my hands are frozen!)

  2. Great photos and reflections from you. They are cute as little buttons, aren't they!