Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hippie Witchie...

If you know me, then you know that Halloween is my very, most, super duper favorite holiday of the year, and I mean that.
I have always loved it and all the wonder it brings...the weather changes, the sun sets earlier, there is Fall in the air, color of the leaves, decorating the house and Oh, Oh, the prospect of dressing up is just so delightful, I cannot stand it!
As I watch my wee ones grow I see so many wonders through their eyes as well and this year particularly with my little gal, I saw me....opening Halloween boxes, putting on wigs, hats, scarves, shoes, all dress up fun out in the open to enjoy. I saw me as I once was a bit afraid of a skeleton head but still liking it and the mysterious fun it brought when used to decorate. I saw me in the giddy laughter of looking in the mirror to see how it would be to have long, black hair and big eyelashes.

This is the wonder I find right now; in the traditions loved so dearly, just naturally and the fun to be had together.

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