Sunday, December 13, 2009

sees you when your sleeping...

Well, around these parts things have been just downright busy...I realize that does not account for my blog absence...however, something else of great importance has been happening and must be brought to light here. Santa is present, and very in the know around this wee pad in the country. He sees when we are sleeping, and then sometimes when I am awake (which really truly feels like the majority of the time) he seems to be lingering around in the most peculiar of places. I finish a piece and there he is, I make a cup of tea & bam he's right there watching, I sit down to have a go with the knitting needles and he happens to be right on the counter looking on like it's all his business, only place he has not shown up is the bathroom, thank goodness for privacy of some it just goes to show one had better be on her toes this time of year...well, always if you get down to the nitty gritty of it all...and always be on her best behavior possible, for you can never be completely certain as to who knows when your awake, been good or bad oh come on for goodness sake.

So, on this light and silly post note, have a simply delightful couple weeks before Christmas, do not let the season get the stresser of you, it is time to relax, enjoy, buy a vintage gift, be thankful for friends and family, take some deep breaths and sit back to watch the twinkling lights.

Go gently and enjoy these lovely holidays.

Still Lily

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