Tuesday, December 15, 2009

hippie holidays...

So, in light of the way things are going lately around these parts...well, that would be that this Lily is completely unprepared for the holidays and not done too much of any shopping per say.
After quietly making a decision over 3 weeks ago to 'let go', things have been coming to a slow halt...there were Etsy orders to get out, children to cook, tend and care for, a husband who needs a bit of tending to himself (well, his biz that iz) and just overall personal & home maintenance.
I went and had hairs done today and what a delightful getaway it was, I love my hairdoer and all her wonder, and just get swept away in my time in the chair and all the talk, not at all about hair (did not mean for that to rhyme).
So, I left refreshed and now realize that with just a little more than a week to go, I better get to gettin' goin'.
It was hippie day today so here you have it, so cool.
That is all for now, hit the yarn store today and have big plans in mind for the lucky balls of wonder that made it home with me. Get ready for a scarfy present. Oh, and must get working on salt scrub christmas presents, will post recipe soon.

Ta ta for now.

Still Lily

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