Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All the merry best

Ok, handmade gifts finished and wrapped...check
kids goodies packaged and hidden...check
not working at all and enjoying time with wee ones...check
promise to self to artful journal more...check
packed for camping...procrastinating...still have a week...
baking done...oh not at all
postponed cooking turkey dinner till new year...check

And there we have it, Christmas is upon us and the joy is definetly in the air. I will be spending this time with dear and loved ones, enjoying watching as each year the wee ones have such fun, memory making times. This will be the second Christmas that my little family will spend in what was my parents' home...there are mixed emotions which seep in, some are subtle, some not so much...I am learning to go with this flood of feelings and be ok with all that is.

So on this most wonderous, lovely holiday
I wish you all the very best & peace to each and every one of you
May the warmth and happiness of the season surround you
where ever you may be...
happy happy times and a very merry holiday to you and yours
Still Lily

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