Thursday, December 17, 2009

holly jolly christmas

Hoot hoot, I love love these wee owls, maybe a new collection being born?

Oh my lovelies, the beauty abounds...

Have you ever been to a Poinsettia farm? no, you say? well, i had not either, but yesterday Oh my, the christmas spirit took over...the colors & basically, the whole tradition of these wonderful plants of the season awed and inspired to no end...

I was taken on growing techniques, all the variations of 'breeds' and just how amazing it always is to me to be in a greenhouse of this magnitude and the green thumb in meself. So, I took it all in, the colors, the vibe, the hills and the wonder of California this time of year, I love my homeland and am always so taken with the beauty that surrounds.

Hope your season is full of color, love, friends and fun!
Still Lily

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